Direct Democracy – our means and our goal (Workshop)

Sunday 11-13

With Kim Keyser

Direct democracy is a theme that’s been present as one of the core tenets throughout the history of anarchism; it’s a theme which has gained new relevance in the global 99% occupy movement; and it’s a theme which is greatly contested – but at the same time woefully neglected – by many anarchists. But what is really direct democracy all about?

This presentation – and the accompanying workshop – takes a fresh view on direct democracy: It carefully explains what tools – some well-known and well-used, other novel and only slightly experimented with – organizations will need to become direct democracies; it outlines a strategy to put these ideas into practice; and it challenges the participants to go beyond conventional thinking on what democracy is all about.

The goal of the presentation is to develop a common understanding of how we – both as individual activists and as a collective movement – best can try to reflect the future we wish for, in our present work.